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AxKit2 - XML Application Server


Just start the server:

$ cp etc/axkit.conf.sample etc/axkit.conf
$ ./axkit

To do anything more than run the demo files you'll need to read the documentation and start writing plugins.


AxKit2 is the second generation XML Application Server following in the footsteps of AxKit-1 (ONE). AxKit makes content generation easy by providing powerful tools to push XML through stylesheets. This helps ensure your web applications don't suffer from XSS bugs, and provides standardised templating tools so that your template authors don't need to learn new Perl templating tools.

In doing all this AxKit harnesses the power of XML. Feel the power.


Everything AxKit2 does is controlled by a plugin, and thus a lot of the documentation for things that AxKit2 does is held within the provided plugins.

To get started writing plugins see AxKit2::Docs::WritingPlugins.


The following are the core plugins which ship with AxKit2:


AxKit2 has a console which you can log into to view current and trend activity on your server. To setup the console add the following config:

ConsolePort 18000
Plugin stats

This creates the console on localhost:18000, and loads the stats plugin to provide trend statistics on your server. To use the console just telnet to port 18000. There is online help there and it should be obvious what each function does.

To provide additional stats, modify the stats plugin or write your own. Whatever get_stats returns will be output in the console when asked for statistics.


TODO - fill in as I write more docs for each module.

Why 2.0?

In creating AxKit2 the following goals were aimed for:

Many people wanted a straight port to Apache2/mod_perl2, so that they could get their AxKit code migrated off the Apache1.x platform. This would have been one route to go down, a route which we looked at very seriously. However already taking up the mantle of an Apache2 version of AxKit is Tom Schindl's Apache2::TomKit distribution. Please check that out if you absolutely need mod_perl2 integration.


AxKit2 is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.