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AxKit2::Console - a text mode console for internal access


The console allows you to see and change some internal values. Connect to localhost at the port specified in the configuration option ConsolePort and type HELP.


While plugins can add more commands, there are a few built-in commands that are always available.

HELP [ command ]

Shows a list of available commands, or help for a specific command.


Quits the console.

LIST [ limit ]

Lists current connections. limit is the number of connections shown. If limit is negative, shows entries from the beginning of the list, otherwise the latest connections are shown.

KILL address | reference

Forcefully closes a connection. You can either specify an IP address, or a connection reference as shown in LIST

DUMP reference

Prints a dump of a connection using Data::Dumper.


Run Devel::GC::Helper to list leaks. If DUMP is given, also dumps the result via Data::Dumper.


Terminates the AxKit2 server.


To provide additional commands for the console, do something like this:

use AxKit2::Console;

sub console_mycmd : Help("MYCMD - example for the docs") {
    my $console = shift;
    $console->write("You called 'MYCMD' with args: ".join(", ",@_)."\n");
    AxKit2::Client->log(LOGINFO,"MYCMD called.");