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formcheck - Plugin for simple web form validation


Plugin formcheck
FormCheck name address email
FormCheckDeny phony-email
FormCheckFail /fail.xml


This module is a simple web form validator. For now, it simply tests a number of form fields for existence, which is already enough for many simple applications where some variant of form mailer is employed.

You will probably use this together with some other form processing plugin. Make sure you load this plugin first if that other plugin uses hook_fixup to do it's work (like formmail).


FormCheck field name [...]

Check that the given fields are entered. They are only checked for any content, i.e. at least 1 character, nothing else.

FormCheckDeny field name [...]

Check that the given fields are not entered. This is useful for simple spam protection: Add a plain text field called "email" and hide it via CSS. Web spidering spambots will enter a mail address and can be detected that way.

FormCheckFail URL

Redirect here if form check fails.