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formmail - Plugin for simple web form mailing


Plugin formmail

MailSubject "Web Form"
MailIntro "Hello,"
MailIntro ""
MailIntro "The following information has been sent via your web form:"
MailFoot "Yours sincerely,"
MailFoot "    The Columbia Internet Support Team"


This module is a simple web form mailer. It sends an email to the specified address(es) containing all parameters sent back from the client. It doesn't do any kind of validation, and it doesn't support file uploads. If no parameters were sent, it does nothing.

Additionally, this module supports XForms submissions that were preprocessed by plugins::validate_xforms. Any element that contains non-whitespace text nodes is sent.


This module doesn't yet do asynchronous delivery. Sending email will block the entire AxKit server. MIME::Lite is used to send mail, which automatically uses a sendmail binary if present on the system. This takes less than 0.2 seconds and leaves actual delivery to your local MTA, so it should be okay for small sites. Larger sites probably won't use a simple form mailer like this anyways.

If your MTA does spam checking on every mail, even locally generated, and rejects your email, you might get a server error. I have not yet found out why, but to prevent this in the first place, don't forget to set a decent MailFrom value.


MailTo destination mail address [...]

MailCc destination mail address [...]

MailBcc destination mail address [...]

Sets the corresponding type of destination address. The email should probably have at least one MailTo recipient. You can specify multiple receivers, and each configuration option may appear multiple times.

Defaults: none.

MailFrom sender address

Sets the sender address in the outgoing email.

Defaults: webmail@localhost

MailSubject subject

Sets the subject for the generated email.

Defaults: A simple subject stating the source URL

MailIntro text

Sets an introductory message for the email. May appear multiple times, values are joined as separate lines.

Defaults: A simple introduction.

MailFoot text

Configures text after the list of form values. May appear multiple times, values are joined as separate lines.

Defaults: A simple footer.