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typeless_uri - convert typeless URIs (URIs without extension) to working file references


# uri_to_file must go first.
Plugin uri_to_file
Plugin typeless_uri

# required
DirectoryIndex index
# optionally
URIExtensions html xhtml xsp


This plugin provides the filename for a given URI. It supplements uri_to_file and provides typeless URIs, i.e. URIs that do not contain a file extension.

See for a discussion of why this is a Good Thing (TM).

It works by trying several extensions on the given URI until the resulting file exists.



A list of file extensions to try in sequence not including the leading dot.


Since file types can vary widely depending on filesystem contents, this plugin adds <Files> sections that work exactly like <Location> sections, except they match against the fully qualified file name of the requested page. Use this sparingly, as it can lead to all sorts of problems. Mainly, it is intended to set type-specific options, nothing else. Use <Location> for all other purposes.


Content Negotiation should be investigated for another level of flexibility.