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Fhreefish - fast AVR 8-bit implementation of Threefish and Skein

This project is a library for the popular Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontrollers. It implements a high-performance version of the Skein hashing algorithm, one of the candidates for the upcoming SHA-3 standard. The algorithm was designed by a group of experienced cryptanalysts: Niels Ferguson, Stefan Lucks, Bruce Schneier, Doug Whiting, Mihir Bellare, Tadayoshi Kohno, Jon Callas, and Jesse Walker. Bruce Schneier

There is already an implementation of Skein and the associated Threefish encryption algorithm as part of AVR-Crypto-Lib. While that library is feature-complete and offers all sizes/modes, it doesn't even remotely meet the performance estimate presented in the Skein specification. For this reason, I have reimplemented the core threefish algorithm in highly optimized assembler. The Threefish primitive runs in about 8900 cycles, 600 less than estimated.

Features / Specifications


Version 1.3.0
Updated to version 1.3 of the Skein specification. No other changes.
Version 1.2.2
Fix hashing of longer messages. Greatly improved test program and performance measurement. PRNG speed improvements.
Version 1.2.1
Fix PRNG. Now really works like the specification suggests. Consequently, speed is a lot faster as well.
Version 1.2
Initial public release.